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When you become eligible for Medicare, you'll have many coverage options available to you. Leif Hagen is an independent licensed agent who can help you understand your Medicare options and assist you with finding coverage that will meet your needs. 

Hagen Financial Network can help you learn about: 
  • Medigap plans that work with Medicare to help cover coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.
  • Medicare Cost plans that provide additional benefits with some cost-sharing.
  • Medicare Part D plans for prescription drug plans that provide medical and prescription drug coverage in one plan.


Are you turning 65? Discover more about Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, and PART D coverage by visiting this link:

Did you know that Medicare does not cover everything?


Leif has been helping Minnesotans with health care insurance since 2002.
Please call Leif at 651-209-6350 and together we can make sure you understand all of your options.